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LianZhong’s Family of Blades for Low Speed Wind Zone Welcomes a New Member
 Lianyungang, January 5, 2018----A new type of wind blade, which incorporates Lianzhong’s independent property rights, has passed the static test recently in Lianzhong’s in-house full-size testing center. The blade is designed for 2.3MW wind turbine, with a length of 64.2 meters, exceeding its predecessor, the 6MW blade, developed a few years ago.

Lianzhong would not miss any business opportunities in wind market since the year of 2014, by launching a whole series of blade types specially dedicated to operation in low-speed wind zone, including LZ56.8-2.0MW, LZ57-2.0MW, LZ59.5-2.0MW, LZ62-2.XMW, etc. The success of static test this time marks the family has a new member to join.

With a fast-increasing installed capacity, the wind industry has less and less un-developed areas rich in wind resources, which makes the traditionally less attractive low speed wind zone, where the annual average wind velocity stays below 4.5m/s, a good alternative. As a result, the portfolio of Lianzhong’s blades for low speed wind zone is sure to win the favor from more clients home and abroad.

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