New-type floorings

  China Composites Group Corp., Ltd. is professionally involved in manufacturing new-type plastic floorings including various kinds of block, sheet and sport rubber floorings. The company presently possesses semi-hardwood production lines and coating luxury coiled floorings production lines. That all equipment and techniques are introduced from Japan and Germany enables us to maintain a relative technical advantage with which our products are globally sold and welcomed. We have a 50% domestic market share of sport rubber flooring. The company invested 320 million Yuan to introduce advanced equipment from abroad and build a production line of non-oriented homogeneous coiled plastic floorings with annual capacity of 3.8 million m2. The production line bears worldly advanced technology, marking the first of its kind in Asia.The company with strong innovative academic research and development capability has made enormous breakthroughs in domestic UV coating formula on the basis of experiments on domestic raw and ancillary materials like cryogenic foaming and printing ink. The company has developed series of new products that filled the blank of domestic luxury products.


 major subsidiary:Changzhou Zhongfu Liberty Composites Co., Ltd.

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